High Impact Training

The ABT Course

10 one hour sessions, up to 25 participants.  The sessions are split in half.  The first half hour is lecture (5 lectures from Randy Olson, 1 ABT analysis session from Matt David, 3 guest lectures).  The second half hour is the interactive component called “The ABT Build” in which each participant is given their 5-7 minutes in front of the group.  They read their one sentence ABT, Randy Olson begins offering suggestions, asking questions, and giving side discussions as the other participants offer suggestions in the chat window.  Comments have to draw on the ABT principles learned in the lectures.  The result is a “critique session” that is very analytical and always constructive.


There is also an extracurricular component called Working Circles.   Each participant in the course has to host one working circle and take part in two others.  Each meeting is a half hour in which the host presents their ABT then the group sets to work strengthening it using the ABT tools.




Participants:  Up to 25
Time:  10 one-hour sessions, plus 1.5 hours of Working Circles extra
Frequency of sessions:  We recommend either once or twice a week
Instructors:  Randy Olson, Matthew David, and 4 guest lecturers