Hot Seat


A One Hour Improv Session to get you thinking ABT on your feet

hot seat image - edge feather this 2

The ABT Hot Seat exercise is a one hour session moderated by Randy Olson in which Matthew David calls on individuals to craft one sentence ABTs off the top of their head. Here’s an example:


MATT: Julie, tells us a one sentence ABT of the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen.


JULIE: Okay … I generally like horror movies AND IF they’re good THEN I find myself laughing harder than even the best comedy movies, BUT there was one movie called, “…” that was horrible BECAUSE it … THEREFORE I have resolved to never make that mistake again BY always looking at the reviews of a movie on Rotten Tomatoes.


It’s fun, it’s challenging, and most important, it activates the narrative part of your brain, making it a solid NARRATIVE GYM exercise.