The ABT Course

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The ABT Course

The ABT is fun. (Here's an article about it.) The course is part of the larger concept of THE NARRATIVE GYM, which refers to anything that exercises the narrative part of your brain, including the course, the podcast, the books and Working Circles that are part of the course.

The course provides three main benefits: 1) Introduction to the narrative tools (in particular the ABT Framework and the Dobzhansky Template), 2) Start of the journey towards developing “narrative intuition,” 3) Social “entrainment” meaning the habit of developing narrative structure through a 5 person group called a Working Circle.

The course is 10 one hour sessions for 30 participants, usually held on Tuesday/Thursdays throughout a month. The course is mostly booked by organizations, though occasionally we run an “open” round for people who sign up on the Wait List.

You can find a detailed description of the course here.

Below are the 38 rounds of the course to date, the Team of roughly 15 individuals who help present the course, and the basic outline of the 10 sessions.
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