Low Impact Training

The Day-BT Training Program

This is our new, very simple, “low impact” narrative training program that will help shape your “muscle memory” for the ABT form. It involves just a couple minutes of your time a day and all of our initial groups have confirmed that, in addition to being good communications training, it’s fun.


DURATION: 3 weeks


1. DAILY ABTs On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings participants receive an email prompting them to type in their one sentence ABT for the day then hit REPLY ALL to copy it to the other 5 members of their group. Their ABT can be on anything they want — about their dog, their kids, the weather (just nothing political or offensive).
2. ABT HOT SEAT HOUR: A one hour session on Thursdays with the participants plus graduates of previous rounds of ABT training. The moderator (Randy or Matt) calls on individuals to, on the spot, make up an ABT sentence on a given random topic such as “The ABT of your first car you owned.” It’s both fun and important real-world practice in putting the ABT into action.
3. FRIDAY STRUCTURALIST NOTES Each Friday participants receive an email from our team that will give a few notes on the ABTs written for that week with suggestions on how to strengthen them.