The Narrative Gym Concept


WHAT IS NARRATIVE TRAINING? Narrative structure is the central element for effective communication as well as strategic thinking. Our Narrative Training program works to build an intuitive feel for how to create solid narrative structure, which means the basic problem-solution dynamic. The ultimate goal is the development of ā€œnarrative intuitionā€ where you not only know how to create narrative structure, you can feel it at work. This is achieved through simplicity and repetition using the ABT (And, But, Therefore) narrative template.


WHAT IS NARRATIVE FITNESS? Just like physical fitness, we like to talk about narrative fitness. The concept of ABT training is to think of the narrative part of the brain as a muscle that needs to be conditioned over time. You can no more develop narrative strength in a single session than you can go to the gym for one afternoon and expect to walk home buff. The development of narrative strength requires a long and sustained effort, which is why we draw on the fitness analogy.