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4) MIKE STRAUSS: The Accidental ABT

About half way through the very first USDA Story Circle session one of our members was unable to attend one of our meetings. This meant cancelling the meeting as all were required to attend. But the degree to which ABT had become second nature was evident in her brief email which said, “I was on […]

4) MIKE STRAUSS: The ABT Breakfast of Champions

A colleague and I were invited to give a talk at a major national meeting on the subject of technology in agriculture and USDA’s role. The other presentations were dense descriptions of specific aspects of emerging technology and agricultural policy. Ours was different. Following a brief introduction about USDA my colleague said, “There is much […]

2) MICHAEL BART: Hooking Eyeballs with ABT at GSA: Posters

One of my favorite parts about working as a scientist is attending scientific conferences (at least, before covid). These conferences are great opportunities to meet and network with like-minded professionals, catch up with friends, and see and hear the hottest and latest new research. They can also be a bit overwhelming, like drinking out of […]